Why do yoga naked?


Because everything is more fun when you do it naked! We love doing yoga naked because it offers both freedom of movement and freedom within. Clothes bind, especially during yoga. They become uncomfortable, sweaty, and downright unpleasant. We at Austin Naked Yoga take the clothes out of the equation! After removing our clothes, we are left with something pure, something that is natural. We champion acceptance of oneself and others. We become balanced.

We also do yoga for the community. Many have utilized the safe environment we provide at Austin Naked Yoga to move past issues with nudity and body image. For many, making the decision to come to their first class is a huge step. We want to help you make this first step into a better more accepting world. Our group is hugely diverse, very close knit at times, and extremely accepting. Many in our group count their friends in A.N.Y. as their best friends. We offer a community where you can be free to be your natural self.

Thus our motto: “Shed Your Clothes, Open Your Heart, and Free Your Mind”

ALL MEN are welcome and invited to attend classes. Reservations are NEVER needed. Doors are locked promptly at class start times so please arrive early!

Austin Naked Yoga programs are restricted to those 18 years and older.

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