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Groups & Organizations

Naked Drum Circle

What’s better than a drum circle? A NAKED ONE! Some time ago in the Palaolithic era, a group of naked yogis and radical faeries came together to make this group. Since then, it has grown in size to encompase more than 100 members from around the Austin area. In addition to regular drumming sessions, this group also puts on a yearly naked drumming theme camp at Burning Flipside. No prior drumming experience is necessary to join. All you need is a desire to tune into your primal male!

Austin Radical Faeries

What is a Radical Faerie you might ask? The Radical Faeries started in the 1970s and is now comprised of many members throughout the world. Free expression, acceptance, and artistic frivolity reign supreme. Always clothing optional!

Individuals & Services

Cary (Private Yoga Sessions)

Cary offers private yoga instruction for men. Please contact him at the email below to request more information.

Kirkwerks (Personal Training, Yoga, Soul Rejuvenation)

Kirk offers personal training, yoga, and physical consultation at his private studio, Kirkwerks.

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