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Why do yoga naked?

Because everything is more fun when you do it naked! We love doing yoga naked because it offers both freedom of movement and freedom within. Clothes bind, especially during yoga. They become uncomfortable, sweaty, and downright unpleasant. We at Austin Naked Yoga take the clothes out of the equation! After removing our clothes, we are left with something pure, something that is natural. We champion acceptance of oneself and others. We become balanced.

We also do yoga for the community. Many have utilized the safe environment we provide at Austin Naked Yoga to move past issues with nudity and body image. For many, making the decision to come to their first class is a huge step. We want to help you make this first step into a better more accepting world. Our group is hugely diverse, very close knit at times, and extremely accepting. Many in our group count their friends in A.N.Y. as their best friends. We offer a community where you can be free to be your natural self.

Thus our motto: “Shed Your Clothes, Open Your Heart, and Free Your Mind”

Also, being naked is just fun!

How many guys attend? What types of guys attend?

We usually have 20+ guys! Our Spring camping retreat has 200+ men attending, some traveling from across the USA and the world!

All types of men attend our classes. We are very diverse in age, body types, and ethnicity. Ages of our students range from 20s to 70s. We also take great pride in having men of all body types (six packs and no packs). No matter what your body type, sexuality, ethnicity, hair color, etc, you will fit in just fine.

What time should I arrive?

Many of our members arrive as much as 20 minutes before the start of class to socialize. In order to not disrupt the flow of class, we ask that you arrive to class early (10 minutes). Doors close promptly at the start of class. This insures that no one’s experience is interrupted.

What are the classes like?

Our classes are an hour and fifteen minutes. You first check in at the front counter and make your way into our studio. If you didn’t bring your own mat, not to worry, we have plenty that you can use free of charge. Once in the studio, the staff will let you know when it is OK for you to take off your clothes and place them in a cube (fancy way of saying shelf). After that, you can find a spot for your yoga mat and sit down, stretch, or be social until the class begins. We have bathrooms and cold water for you as well! Our classes are geared for all levels of yogis (including beginners). Make sure to tell your instructor if you have any special physical needs such as a knee injury, etc. They will make sure to tailor parts of the practice to your needs.

At the end of class we all do the final yoga pose, shivasana, which is intended to relax your body. After this time, herbal tea is passed around to all the yogis and you are free to relax, talk, stretch, etc. Some yogis usually head out to eat a small bite afterwards.

Do I have to be naked?

Our classes are certified 100% clothing free! This does not mean that you have to be perfectly comfortable in a nudist environment to attend. Many of our yogis initially started coming to class to address fears of being naked around others. Austin Naked Yoga offers a safe environment that is perfect for this widening of horizons. Many of our members have gained confidence in themselves that they did not possess before attending. This is part of A.N.Y’s mission, to provide a safe environment for people who wish to explore a freedom and connection with their body that few others possess.

What if I get a boner / hard-on / woody / stiffy / pitch-a-tent / pop-stick / bazooka / captain standish / morning wood / happy stick / full mast / dipstick / firm worm / mighty monkey / etc?

Be proud of it! Embrace your boner-ness! In all seriousness, this is a great question and one we get asked all the time. In actuality, once you are in the act of doing yoga poses (asanas), it’s actually very difficult to keep an erection. For this reason, it’s actually quite rare to see them during our class. But if you should happen to get an erection, think of it as a good thing. This is not something to be embarrassed about. It is rather something to be celebrated.

Is there sexual energy present? Is this a hookup group?

There can be sexual energy present during some of our classes but it is not a goal or something that we focus on. The primary goal of A.N.Y. is to provide for yoga in a natural state. We are very much a social group but we are not a hookup group. Just like any social gathering, sometimes sexual relationships are formed just as sometimes long-term relationships are formed. However, the majority of men that attend the group do so for yoga and the social aspect, not because they are seeking sexual release. That being said, Austin Naked Yoga is very sex positive in that we realize the benefits of embracing sexual energy.

I’ve never done yoga before. Will I be lost? Is this class right for me?

All of our classes are beginner friendly. Remember that everyone was a beginner once. You are not alone. Every week we see new yogis emerge. Embrace your newbie-ness and come join us!

What if I have an injury, physical limitations, or other questions and concerns?

Please get clearance from a medical professional before participating in this or any fitness class./p>

Should I bring anything to class?

Most of our yogis bring a yoga mat and a towel to dry off. Other than that, all you need is an open mind and your naked self! We provide you with water for hydration. Don’t worry if you forget your mat or towel, we have plenty of extras.

What does it cost to attend?

Our goal is to keep the price affordable while ensuring the group is self-sustaining. First class is $10, second class is FREE. Class packages are available at 25% OFF on your first or second visit. Ask the front desk staff for Class Pak rates.

Are the classes exclusive to men? Are there any classes for women? Co-ed?

We have tried holding both women’s classes and co-ed classes and neither had enough attendance to maintain their respective groups.

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